• La Tour croix-Baragnon

An unusual place in a highly sought-after neighborhood

The prestigious private mansion of Bonnefoy is a real haven of peace in the heart of beautiful old Toulouse.
You will be captivated by this charming mansion and will enjoy the calm and cosy confort of its flats.

Everything has been designed to provide you with a comfortable and memorable stay.




La Tour Croix-Baragnon, or Hôtel de Bonnefoy, is undoubtedly one of the tresures of the Pink city. Built in the first Renaissance of Toulouse, around 1513, this private mansion retains more ancient architectural elements which make it a very unique site.



Our flats have been equipped and laid out so as to ensure an ultimate comfort. Each flat has been decorated with taste and elegance to offer you a great and peaceful stay...



La Tour Croix-Baragnon is a real haven of peace in the heart of the old Toulouse. You will appreciate the the quietness of the place after your busy days in the Pink city !



Your stay in La Tour Croix-Baragnon will be an excellent oppotunity to discover the beautifuls districts of Carmes and Saint-Etienne, some major tourist attractions in the Pink city. You will love their typical streets, their famous restaurants, their art galeries, their antique shops and lovely markets…



Métro : less than 5 mn

Tramway Airport) 10 mn

Station Vélotoulouse 1 mn

Public parkings less than 5 mn

Taxi : Consult us



The Hotel de Bonnefoy is a private mansion located at 19 rue Croix-Baragnon, in the heart of Toulouse. Built in the style of the first Renaissance of Toulouse, in the first quarter of the sixteenth century, around 1513, it retains more ancient architectural elements, with traces of gothic windows of the fourteenth century, comparable to those of the neighboring Roman-Gothic houses. The capitular tower of the hotel was labelled Historical monument in 1950.

In the middle-ages, the present Hotel de Bonnefoy was occupied by a house whose main façade and entrance were on Tolosane Street (now number 9). It belonged in 1477 to Bertrand de La Jugie. The latter, owner of several mansions in Toulouse, came from a rich local family, and one of his ancestors, Pierre de La Jugie, had been capitoul in 1314.

The building entered, through the dowry of Pierre de La Jugie's daughter, in the patrimony of Bérenguier Bonnefoy (or Bonnafède), capitoul in 1513-1514. In 1513, he built his own private mansion and tower, the privilege of the capitouls in Toulouse, on the base of the old building. Later, the hotel passed in 1548 to Jean de Bonnefoy, councilor at the Presidial court, notary and secretary of the king. He was the son of Jean de Bonnefoy, lord of Montauriol, and of Anne de Bernuy. In 1575, the hotel passed to the brother of Jean de Bonnefoy, Jacques de Bonnefoy, co-lord of Montesquieu and capitoul in 1547-1548. In 1586 Jean de Bonnefoy, born of the second marriage of Jean de Bonnefoy with Marie de Sabatery, squire and lord of Villiers, inherited it.


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In 1614, the widow of Jean de Bonnefoy, Martres de Potier-Laterasse, and his son, Jean, sold the hotel to Simon de Labat, in 1611-1612. In 1622, after the death of his wife, Marie de Lesthing, he retired and joined the Dominicans. In 1634, his son Jean-Louis de Labat, a lawyer and a captain in 1651-1652, then in 1652-1653, inherited it. In 1652, he sold to Jean de La Clavière the building on the façade of Tolosane (now number 9), which was then permanently separated from it. Two years later, he sold the body of the building from Rue Croix-Baragnon to the merchant Pierre Martin Coulet.

In 1678, the hotel became the property of Henri Lacaze, lord of Montbel and co-lord of Colomiers, capitoul in 1679-1680. The property remained in the Lacaze family, since it was transmitted in 1729 to Jean-Jacques Lacaze de Rochebrun, lord of Sapens, a lawyer in the Parlement and capitoul in 1729-1730. He added his coat of arms to the tympanum of the first window of the tower, and placed his motto "Uni suspiro" on the corridor door.

In 1957, the hotel was purchased by Roger Amalric, a lawyer in Montauban and president of the Bâtonnier, who in the following years undertook the restoration of the building.

This one was rewarded in 1975 by the medal of the Toulousains of Toulouse. Since then the hotel has remained in the same family.

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